Have a query about Shoppacart? Check out our FAQs. If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, reach out to one of our friendly team members here.

The basket is made from partially recycled HDPE – one of the most versatile plastic materials in the world. The rest of the trolley is made from steel and good quality components.

The Shoppacart stands at a height of 140cm, is 98cm long and 45cm wide. When folded, it rests at 41cm high, 90cm long and 59cm wide.

The Shoppacart weighs 9.5kg.

The basket capacity of the Shoppacart is 100L. We recommend a maximum weight is 20kg in the trolley basket and 15kg on the bulky goods shelf.

The Shoppacart fits into most cars. Our 4×4 Kit that is included with your Shoppacart makes it easier and more convenient to use on larger vehicles including utilities and 4WD SUV’s. For more information, please contact our team.

The Shoppacart has ingenious elastic straps that protect your vehicle as the trolley enters and exits the car. There is also a Mat for purchase if you would like a little extra glide.

The Shoppacart has a 2 year warranty.

Please do not use your Shoppacart on travelators, escalators or stairs to avoid the risk of tipping. Unfortunately, any damage caused by using a Shoppacart on a travelator, escalator or stairs will be deemed misuse and will not be covered under warranty. We recommend to always use your Shoppacart in a lift or on a ramp.

Shoppacart believes in contributing to a circular economy. So, we will always endeavour to provide reasonably priced spare parts and replacement components should they be required. Contact someone from our team to discuss this further.

The Shoppacart team works hard to dispatch all orders as quickly as possible. However, currently some locations are experiencing supply chain issues and delivery delays due to the global pandemic.

Shoppacart is currently shipping to Australia, USA and Europe. Please contact one of our friendly team members for more information.